Clovelly Womens Bowling Club

2016 Clovelly Women’s Bowling Club Pennant Teams

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All members of the Clovelly Women’s Bowling Club are extremely proud of the achievements of the Pennant Teams having won the Grade 4 District Pennants in 2015, which led us to the State Finals; and again wining the Grade 3 District Pennants having gone up a grade in 2016.

Clovelly WBC is a small club with 40 full time members. With life time members and those still working, the pool to select our pennant teams is small compared to other clubs. This has been both a plus and a minus.  All available pennant players are selected on merit and earn their right to represent the club.

The Clovelly WBC has a great team spirit; supportive and encouraging of each other; a formidable coach in Dermot Walshe, and most importantly, we have had the ability to support and encourage younger bowlers who in turn, have earned their place in the pennant teams.  We are also privileged to have great support from the Clovelly Recreation and Bowling Club and the Men’s Bowling Club.  This allows us to integrate Wednesdays, Fridays and every Sunday morning for Mufti Bowls which has certainly helped to improve our bowling skills.

Pennant with Lynne and KLF (Large)

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