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Champion of Champion Success at Taren Point

Last week at Taren Point Bowling Club, our District 13 women put on a great show across many categories in the Champion of Champion competition!

In the Singles Louise Baldwin, Randwick, played Mel Blumor Taren Point. It was a mighty match that ultimately saw Mel come out the winner.

Mel Blumor and Louise Baldwin, Singles Finalists

In the Senior Fours Marna Morris, Lorraine Becker, Barbara Shur and Gail Black were runners up against Taren Point.

Barbara Shotland, Marna Morris and Iris Kampel were runners up in the Triples against Taren Point.

Double Bay Runners up in the Triples

In the Senior Pairs Gail Black and Barbara Shur were runners up to Double Bay. (Sorry no picture.)

In the Pairs, Sue Snape and Kimberley Freed played Kate Walker and Katrina Wright from Taren Point with our girl winning the match.

Katrina Wright, Kate Walker, Sue Snape and Kimberley Freed

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Our Newest Life Member

It was with great pleasure, love and pride that two of our most beloved members received Life Memberships. During the Clovelly WBC AGM it was unanimously voted to make our President Betty Skinner a Life Member.

Nomination for Betty Skinner
We would like to propose Betty Skinner as a life member of Clovelly Women’s Bowling Club.
Betty has been an affiliated bowler for 15 years, all of that time at Clovelly.
She has represented our club with pride and dignity, at Pennant and District /State level. She has been a selected player for Eastern Suburbs District in Regional events. Betty is a respected member of our larger bowling community.
More importantly, Betty’s contribution to Clovelly Women’s bowling club has been nothing short of incredible.
Her generosity of spirit within the club is well known and she is much loved and respected by all.
As President for numerous years she has been counselor, welfare officer, taxi driver and friend to so many of our members.
Betty has worked tirelessly to ensure that the women’s club at Clovelly has not only a competitive presence, but is also a club that has a caring and inclusive environment for all.
Betty is an admirable and worthy person who totally deserves the honour of life membership.
Sue Snape,
Treasurer Clovelly WBC

Betty Skinner being awarded her Life Membership badge by Sue Snape.

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The Kylie Cup

22nd September 2020

Today we held a match day in honour of Kylie Hartley call the Kylie Cup! Kylie was an enthusiastic follower of the ponies so it seemed appropriate that we celebrate her life in this way.

Everyone came dressed for the races and a tab was provided. It was the first of what will be an annual event to pay homage to a lady we all loved.

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Farewell Kylie, you will always be in our hearts

It is with great sorrow we inform you of the passing of our much beloved Kylie Hartley yesterday at her home. Her friendship and love has been a joy to us all, not only at Clovelly but to every club that has had the honour to have heard her laugh and enjoyed her smile.

Her illness was short but intense however she remained positive and uplifting throughout, which was her way. Her sweetness and humour made this awful journey easier for everyone which is a rare thing.

Her positive input at Womens’ Bowls NSW was an asset to the game. Her mother, Toni, is monumentally proud of her – as are we all. These amazing two women have made Lawn Bowls more accessible and enjoyable for hundreds of women throughout Sydney and beyond.

Their enthusiasm and dedication helped to make Moorefield Bowling Club a thriving, competitive club and helped introduce us to the amazing women from that area.

It’s hard to image the game without her however she has ensured that it will thrive into the future and we thank her for that. There will be holes in the air where you used to be. We love you Kylie, we thank you and we will never forget you.

From your friends at Clovelly and the Bowling community.

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Womens’ Club Pairs Champions!

Congratulations to our new Pairs Champions Gina O’Reilly and Carmel Sowden who won against Sharron Scarcella and Betty Skinner. It was a tight final that went nose to nose until the last few ends when Gina and Carmel stormed ahead and won.

The match was watched eagerly by a large crowd of supporters from the warmth of the Club on this blustery and chilly day. The mighty wind caused all players to have to reach into their banks of experience and expertise in order to make it to the jack instead of being short or in the ditch.

This session has been disrupted and interrupted by COVID19 and thus everyone enjoyed finally relaxing with each other (at a safe distance) and watching an exciting match! Well done to all!Womans' Pairs Champs 23Aug20e

Sharron Scarcella, Betty Skinner, Carmel Sowden and Gina O’Reilly.

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Womens’ Singles Major Winner!

On Tuesday 23rd June Gina O’Reilly played Kimberley Freed in the final of the Clovelly WBC Major Singles and won after a wonderful 25 ends! It was a cold and windy day but that didn’t disrupt the bowling. The final score was 25/18. Sandra Starrett was an excellent marker and everyone was tired but thrilled with the result!

Well done Champion Gina!

Major Singles Winner Gina (Medium)


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2019 Champion Results

President: Betty Skinner
Secretary: Sue Snape

Major Singles
Winner: Carmel Sowden
Runner Up: Barb Bahagiar

Minor Singles
Winner: Dianna Lovegrove
Runner Up: Maria Ryan

Club Pairs
Winners: Lead, Sandra Starrett, Skip, Sue Snape

Club Triples
Winners: Lead, Maria Ryan, 2nd, Joan Atkins, Skip, Betty Skinner

Winner: Louise Baldwin
Runner Up: Betty Skinner